About Me

Hi, I am Anita and I am a qualified Dru Yoga and Dru Meditation teacher and Angelic Reiki master. Originally I come from Latvia, but have lived in West Sussex for more than ten years now. In 2008 I attended a Dru Yoga workshop and fell in love with the flow and potency of Dru, a style of yoga that is fully accessible, that everyone can experience and benefit from. The same year I started a teacher training course in London and in 2011 qualified as a teacher.

To deepen my understanding of Dru Yoga and to enhance personal and spiritual development I continued to study Dru Meditation with the International School of Dru Yoga and in 2013 successfully passed my exams.

Being a new teacher I am very passionate and willing to help people to improve their physical and mental wellbeing and to give them the tools to take into their daily life to cope with the stresses of modern living as Dru Yoga provides such a total health kit on every level.

I am also qualified in Ayurvedic massage and I strongly believe that Ayurveda and Yoga play an important role in leading a long, healthy and fulfilling life.