Dru Yoga

Dru yoga is a powerful heart-based yoga with graceful flowing movements, directed breathing and transforming visualisation. Dru yoga awakens our energy system ( chakras and koshas ) and gives us access to our own power and full potencial. The movements are performed slowly with awareness and often with many repetitions of the same movement allowing us to work on a deeper level as the body, mind and emotions are so closely connected. Dru yoga`s unique Energy Block Release sequences (EBRs) are carefully designed sequences of stretching, twisting, forwards, backwards ,sideways bending, and squatting movements that work on every part of our body

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What does “Dru” mean in Dru Yoga?

 The word Dru comes from Sanskrit name Druva that means “still” and “unchanging”. In the practice the awareness is drawn to the place inside ourselves that is still and spacious. This is where we store our tranquillity and strength and it is in this place that we are aware of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of our being.

Reasons why you will love Dru Yoga

Your back will feel better

You will feel blissfully relaxed and renewed

You will feel less stressed and tensed

You will gain higher energy levels

Improved sleep patterns

A more positive mood

Improved ability to flexibility of the joints and spine